Diagnosis of chatter marks

Diagnosis of chatter marks in turning, milling, drilling and grinding

The assessment of chatter problems begins with the manufactured component. A correct diagnosis of the causes is a prerequisite for targeted improvement measures. Vibration waves have to be analyzed seperately from interference waves which can occur when making several simultaneous cuts or can arise because of special rotary to oscillating frequency ratios or because of coupled oscillatory movements. Our experience over 12 years with over 800 cases using advanced vibration and surface-measuring techniques qualify us as specialists in the detection and classification of chatter problems.

Examples of application

  • Precision drilling of car and truck connecting rods.
  • Hard turning of drive shafts and tool shanks.
  • Gear milling of ring gears.
  • Grinding of linear bearings and bearing races.
  • Clamping and grinding of camshafts and crankshafts.
  • External and internal thread grinding of steering rods and ball screw nuts.
  • Centreless grinding of valves, shaft seats and rolling elements.
  • Indentation honing of spur and helical gears

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