Cutting simulation

Simulation of machined surfaces, cutting forces and displacements

The process parameters of the machining process over time can be accurately simulated with any cutting geometry, orientation and number on the basis of your tool type. Special processes can be modeled quickly and accurately in addition to standard models for milling, turning or grinding. The result is an accurate representation of the surface finish after machining and optionally their characteristics. The individual forces on the blades, or the force and resulting moment on the spindle and their displacements can be calculated taking into account the stiffness of the system. A dynamic coupling of process and machine is possible with respect to any measurements or FE-calculations.

Examples of application

  • Simulation of surface patterns and surface characteristics depending on the selected tool.
  • Calculation of forces and displacements in the process.
  • Evidence of the emergence of chatter patterns during unstable processes by comparing simulated and measured surfaces.
  • Calculation of process stability depending on the dynamic machine behavior.

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