Calculation of tools

Calculation and optimization of tools

The component matching tool geometries can be calculated based on your requirements. Take advantage of our experience in creating customized, fast and precise calculation algorithms. Complex milling processes offer many possibilities of adjustment. The resharpening of milling cutters is often necessary but can lead to the distortion of profiles. An empirical investigation of the impact of tool changes on the shape of the workpieces is time consuming and often does not offer an optimum. Our cutting models have the advantage that all influences can be considered separately and quickly take large number of variants into account. Conversely, if deviations occur in the production component, the tool settings, which can achieve the original part shape as well as possible, can be calculated to save time.

Examples of application

The dimensioning of single and multi-thread hobs with special profiles for external or internal gears.
The dimensioning of profile grinding wheels.
Milling simulation of gears depending on the milling cutter geometries.
Correction of setting parameters depending on the resharpened condition of a milling cutter.

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