Vibration Analysis

Measurement and evaluation of vibration of production machines

Machine vibrations affect the surface quality of chip production workpieces. Vibration caused by drive, gear or bearing damage are relatively easily identifiable. Also, a separate excitation due to adjacent machinery and aggregates is possible. The most difficult cases involve the occurrence of vibrations by resonance phenomena of tools, spindles, slides, workpieces, clamping devices or the overall machine. Dealing with these problems is our speciality. Rely on our experience from hundreds of successfully- completed projects. We offer process vibration measurements, frequency response measurements, time domain analyses or modal analyses of the problem. We can computationally verify our recommendations of suitable improvement measures via finite element simulations.

Examples of application

  • Chatter vibration problems at milling, turning or grinding.
  • Slight surface ripples and tolerance exceeding of the FFT-order spectra.
  • Vibration problems due to neighboring machinery and aggregates.

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