Frequency response measurement

Measurement of compliance frequency response

Quiet, chatter vibration-free machining when fully utilizing the main spindle of a machine requires high dynamic stiffness and good damping properties. The measurement of frequency response functions shows critical resonances. As a "dynamic fingerprint" it offers the opportunity to assess the quality of a machine design and its components so that it can be compared with other types of machines. We recommend the metrological determination of this dynamic seal of approval as an aid when purchasing a machine. This measurement process can also be applied in machine certification or to solve chatter problems after changes of processes, tools, workpieces or fixtures.

Examples of application

  • Root cause analysis for typical chatter caused by  machine resonance.
  • Measurement of the overall dynamic stiffness behavior of a machine or between a tool and workpiece in three directions.
  • Measurement of the influence of changes in the position of the axes on the resonance behavior.
  • Analysis of stiffness changes due to changes in spindle bearing pre-load, controller settings or clamping settings.
  • Stiffness comparisons between machines of different ages or series.

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