Displacement measurement

Measurement of displacements and deformations

Process forces or heavy workpieces, e.g. for large machine tools in portal or gantry design, can lead to disruptive path deviations of the machine axes. The measurement of the deviations in relation to the machine can be made via displacement sensors or by laser interferometer in relation to the hall floor. Take advantage of our experience and modern measurement technology in the detection, assessment and prevention of machines deviations and increase the quality of your manufactured products.

Examples of application

  • Measurement of the tilt of the whole machine or the machine bed when moving the slide / ram / support / pinole.
  • Measurement of the displacement of the machine table under axial/off-center loading by heavy workpieces
  • Measurement of the repeatability and the overshoot behavior during dynamic positioning of the axes
  • Long-term monitoring of machines shift in production over weeks and months

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