Acoustics / noise measurement

Acoustics / noise measurement

Noise measurements in operating and idling modes: High noise levels in manufacturing plants affect your employees and can lead to health problems in extreme cases. The noisiness of a machine can have many sources, and their analysis is a prerequisite for meaningful improvement approaches. The noise of the cutting inserts may be worsened by damage of the rotating components or amplified by resonance phenomena of the machine structure and housing. We offer sound level measurements on machinery in accordance with DIN 45635 and DIN EN ISO 3740-3747. We then provide you with the results as well as  suggestions of how to reduce the noise levels.

Examples of application

  • Measurement of noise emitted depending on the insulation materials, which can be used when designing machine housings.
  • Measurement of the average noise pressure level and sound energy level of a machine in standstill, idling and operational mode.

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