Vibration dampers

Machine, spindle, or tool dampers

The development of highly dynamic axes inevitably leads to constructions of physical boundaries: Low masses should increase the axis dynamics without causing deficits to the stiffness. Cantilevered systems should increase the work area without deteriorating the damping properties. Spindle-bearing systems with high stiffness often do not provide satisfactory damping. Slim and cantilevered tools are sometimes necessary, but are prone to bending or torsional vibrations and a worsening of the behavior. An increase of performance is the integration of oil-based and encapsulated auxiliary mass dampers in the machine structure. We perform the calculation and implementation of these special solutions through prototypes or as a retrofit kit in production to effectively avoid chatter vibrations.

Examples of application

  • Oil-based auxilliary mass dampers on the machine slides.
  • Co-rotating dampers for spindles, grinding wheel flanges or tools
  • Imbalance damper to reduce unavoidable residual imbalances in fine finishing processes.

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