What's new?

Since the launch of planlauf/TERRAIN in January 2017 we have received a lot of valuable user feedback. The two most important things in planlauf/TERRAIN 2017 R1 are our new Mesh Decimation Service and the strong focus on hiking and exploring landscapes. Please have a look at the full list of new features, improvements and bugfixes below.

Hiking and Exploring Landscapes

  • Automatic view adjustment when following a planned track or approaching a pin
  • GPS location mode without logging (locations of the last 60 seconds are shown as a fading trail)
  • Acoustic proximity alerts when approaching a selected pin
  • Distance is shown during GPS logging
  • Logging is possible even if locations are out of the model


  • Filling gaps in DTMs during import
  • Limit number of vertices during mesh decimation; if necessary normal deviation will be increased
  • Normal maps JPG quality can be adjusted to reduce file size
  • Limit height range during import
  • Speed improvement for mesh decimation with low normal deviation
  • Projection UTM 33 North ED50 (Malta)
  • Projection UTM 32 North ED50 (Italy)
  • *.bil-format added to GDAL file filter

Pins, Tracks and Pictures

  • Geotags can be added to pictures
  • Add pins for a collection of already geotagged pictures
  • Pins can be named
  • Import pins with names and comments from KML files
  • Add pins in Maps window
  • Trackpoints can be moved, added or deleted
  • Add new trackpoints to manual track in Maps window
  • Manual and GPS tracks are also shown in Maps window
  • Reverse track direction
  • Out-of-bounds trackspoints are drawn at height 0
  • Speed improvement for height profile calculation
  • Bugfix: Crash when importing single-line GPX file
  • Bugfix: GPX route format can't be imported
  • Bugfix: Import of GPX files with tabs fails
  • Bugfix: Manual track with overlapping tile files: sometimes set location doesn't work
  • Bugfix: Track segment disappears on map if start and end point are out of bounds
  • Bugfix: Tracks are not shown if elevation scale factor is changed and GPS is continued
  • Bugfix: Missing location bar in height profile if elevation scale is bigger than 1


  • Tile Files can be hidden > Edit Tile Files
  • Open files by Drag&Drop
  • Zip-packages have now the extension *.plfzip so double-clicking will start planlauf/TERRAIN
  • Improved window scaling on high DPI devices
  • Specular lighting reduced
  • Smoothing factor for Fly-Through
  • Crater detection parameters can be customized
  • Bugfix: Trimble R1 GPS receiver connection problem
  • Bugfix: Crash trying to save a file on a removed device
  • Bugfix: Slow Zoom-Fit for large models
  • Bugfix: Screenshot with factor 16 crashes on a 3000x2000 display, size of bitmap is too big
  • Bugfix: License window: keyboard is not shown in tablet mode
  • Bugfix: If fly through is started with an active toolbar button, white bar can not be moved
  • Bugfix: Import zip package: keyboard is not shown in tablet mode
  • Bugfix: In 2D mode panning is not ended when middle mouse button is released