Video Tutorial

This video tutorial demonstrates the basic feature of planlauf/TERRAIN. Please see the 'What's new?'-videos for additional features.

00:20 Download and install planlauf/TERRAIN
01:05 Display settings
01:35 Configure Bluetooth GPS receiver
02:50 Camera setup
03:00 Enter Bing Maps key
03:10 Download and install GDAL
04:20 Import XYZ-files and save a Tile file
06:15 Create a Terrain file
06:45 Zoom/Pan/Rotate
07:55 Set pins and plan a track
09:30 Edit pins and tracks
09:50 Bing Maps
10:30 Section plane
10:50 Import/export GPX and KML files
11:00 Crater detection
12:20 Heatmap
12:50 Fly-through
13:35 Screenshots
14:00 Import raster file via GDAL
15:05 Log a GPS track and take pictures
17:50 Create a zip package
18:05 Open zip package
18:55 Browse pictures