Supported Projections

There are thousands of projections worldwide (see or Spatial Reference), many are outdated and only a few are actually used for DEM datasets. planlauf/TERRAIN supports projections for which we got our hands on test data and were able to implement and verify the forward and backward transformation. At the moment, the projections listed in the table are supported directly. GeoTIFFs or IMGs with other projections might be reprojected to UTM with our GDAL-interface. Please send us an email if you'd like to see an additional projection in the next release of planlauf/TERRAIN.


Country EPSG Name
All 32601-32660 UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator)
Australia 28348-28358 GDA94 / MGA
Australia 3112 GDA94 / Geoscience Australia Lambert
Austria 31254 MGI / Austria GK West
Austria 31255 MGI / Austria GK Central
Austria 31256 MGI / Austria GK East
Austria 31257 MGI / Austria GK M28
Austria 31258 MGI / Austria GK M31
Austria 31259 MGI / Austria GK M34
Austria 31287 MGI / Austria Lambert
Belgium 31370 Belgian Lambert 72
Belgium 3812 Belgian Lambert 2008
France 2154 RGF93 / Lambert-93
Germany 31466 Gauss Krueger Potsdam Zone 2
Germany 31467 Gauss Krueger Potsdam Zone 3
Germany 31468 Gauss Krueger Potsdam Zone 4
Germany 31469 Gauss Krueger Potsdam Zone 5
Ireland 2157 Irish Transverse Mercator
Ireland 29903 Irish Grid
Italy 3003 Monte Mario Zone 1
Italy 3004 Monte Mario Zone 2
Italy 23032 UTM 32 North ED50
Luxembourg 2169 Luxembourg 1930 / Gauss
Malta 23033 UTM 33 North ED50
Netherlands 28992 Amersfoort / RD New
New Zealand 2193 NZGD2000
Slovenia 3794 D96TM
Switzerland 21781 LV03
Switzerland 2056 LV95
United Kingdom 7405 OSGB36, ODN height
United Kingdom 27700 OSGB36