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planlauf/TERRAIN is designed for Windows 7/8/10 desktop and tablet PCs. It is powerful, lightweight and will work on almost any device with .NET Framework 4.5 and OpenGL 4.0 (system requirements). You can try the full version 30 days for free without any registration! If you're happy with planlauf/TERRAIN, you can purchase a license key and simply activate your trial version.

If you have any questions, please send us an email. Please also have a look at the Quick Start and the Video Tutorial.

After 30 days, the non-activated version of planlauf/TERRAIN has still all the functionality except for the import of raw data and the generation of tile files. You can always use our fully-automated Mesh decimation service to get customized tile files for selected regions at a reasonable price.

Download the latest stable release of planlauf/TERRAIN: planlaufTERRAIN2017R3_Setup.exe

You can also download the weekly build for the latest features and bug fixes.


You can purchase a license key for planlauf/TERRAIN from ShareIT/Digital River for 149 € incl. VAT (applies to customers in Germany, for other countries/currencies please follow the ShareIT link). Each license key allows you to install planlauf/TERRAIN on two devices, e.g., on a desktop PC to decimate Digital Elevation Models and on a tablet PC to take the models to the field. For non-commercial use we offer a discount of 30%. Please contact us to learn more.

Mesh Decimation Keys

You can purchase keys for our Mesh Decimation Service from ShareIT/Digital River for 2.49 € to 2.99 € incl. VAT (applies to customers in Germany, for other countries/currencies please follow the ShareIT link). Each key allows you to request a decimated tile file for an area of up to 100,000,000 original points.

Weekly builds

The weekly builds contain the latest features and bug fixes. Please uninstall any previous R3 version before installing the current weekly build. Please note that these builds have not been tested extensively and there may be some unexpected errors. Please report bugs with an email to terrainplanlaufcom.

The current weekly build is 20171203_planlaufTERRAIN2017R3_Setup.exe

New features and bug fixes since planlauf/TERRAIN 2017 R3

  • Pin text is drawn with an outline and an optional background to improve readability
  • Pin text line thickness is adjusted along with the symbol size
  • Hide/Show individual pins or tracks (> Pin/Track List)
  • Filling gaps is also possible during point cloud import (resulting *.asc file is filled and can be re-used in other software)
  • Point cloud can be manipulated during import (translate, rotate, scale and set current view to top or front view)
  • Manipulated point cloud can be saved in a proprietary file format (*.plfpcl) for faster re-use
  • Import of color gradients in *.c3g format (download many palettes here: )
  • Bugfix: default directory is not set if a terrain file is opened
  • Program settings will be kept if planlauf/TERRAIN is updated (weekly build or any other release)
  • No projection warning is skipped for Mars DTMs
  • Local relief preview area is shown and can be moved in Bing Maps
  • Warning is given if a model is probably too big to be imported, option to split it into multiple files
  • Tracks can be shown during Fly-through, Look-around and Flooding
  • Progressbar is shown while adding tiles to viewport
  • Bugfix: hiding all tile files crashes if tracks exist
  • Focal length, i.e. the perspective can be adjusted and saved
  • Option to not scale the pins in screenshots
  • When following a track, the closest location on the track is marked with a direction triangle instead of a simple point
  • Area selection for import can be done in Bing Maps
  • Height scale can be shown during Flooding
  • Contrast can be reduced to less than 1 (> Tiles and Shading)
  • Export of Sketchfab models, existing models can be decimated further to a suitable vertex limit
  • New projection: Slovenia, D48GK, EPSG:3912
  • Classifications (e.g. building, vegetation) can be chosen during point cloud import
  • Export of elevation profiles as image or csv file (RMB on elevation diagram)
  • If a reload of tiles is necessary in 'Tiles and Shading', the 3D view will be restored
  • Views can be saved (> Toolbar > Views)
  • Line of Sight for the measure line (RMB on elevation profile to edit observer and target offset)
  • Command line batch generation of decimated tile files from point clouds (*.las, *.laz, *.xyz, *.plfpcl): planlaufTERRAIN_CommandLine_Parameters.txt
  • Smoothing radius for DEM generation from point clouds can be chosen
  • Bugfix: Error in projection file export for UTM South
  • Contour lines with selectable spacing (> More > Tiles and Shading)
  • Bugfix: working directory error during import of overlay image via GDAL
  • Image overlay list allows adding, editing and deleting of images
  • Viewshed analysis with one or more observer points and individual observer offsets
  • Heatmap now creates an image which is added to the image overlay list