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planlauf/TERRAIN is designed for Windows 7/8/10 desktop and tablet PCs. It is powerful, lightweight and will work on almost any device with .NET Framework 4.5 and OpenGL 4.0 (system requirements). You can try the full version 30 days for free without any registration! If you're happy with planlauf/TERRAIN, you can purchase a license key and simply activate your trial version.

If you have any questions, please send us an email. Please also have a look at the Quick Start and the Video Tutorial.

After 30 days, the non-activated version of planlauf/TERRAIN has still all the functionality except for the import of raw data and the generation of tile files. You can always use our fully-automated Mesh decimation service to get customized tile files for selected regions at a reasonable price.

Download the latest version planlauf/TERRAIN 2018 R1: planlaufTERRAIN2018R1_Setup.exe

Download the manual: planlaufTERRAIN2018R1_Manual.pdf

You can also download the weekly-build to get the latest features and bugfixes.


You can purchase license keys for planlauf/TERRAIN from ShareIT/Digital River:

  • Non-commercial license (private or nonprofit use, research, education): 79 € incl. VAT    Buy Now
  • Commercial license (everything else): 249 € incl. VAT   Buy Now

These prices apply to customers in Germany, for other countries/currencies please follow the ShareIT link. Each license key allows you to install planlauf/TERRAIN on two devices, e.g., on a desktop PC to decimate Digital Elevation Models and on a tablet PC to take the models to the field.

Mesh Decimation Keys

You can purchase keys for our Mesh Decimation Service from ShareIT/Digital River for 2.49 € to 2.99 € incl. VAT (applies to customers in Germany, for other countries/currencies please follow the ShareIT link). Each key allows you to request a decimated tile file for an area of up to 100,000,000 original points.

Weekly builds

The weekly builds contain the latest features and bugfixes. Please uninstall any previous version before installing the current weekly build. Please note that these builds have not been tested extensively and there may be some unexpected errors. Please report bugs with an email to terrainplanlaufcom.

The current weekly build is 20180319_planlaufTERRAIN2018R1_Setup.exe

New features and bugfixes since planlauf/TERRAIN 2018 R1

  • New visualization: Positive Openness as a Local Relief sub type
  • Bugfix: Sketchfab export sometimes created non-power-of-two textures
  • Consistent use of JPG extension instead of JPEG
  • Default settings for local relief can be restored
  • Image Rectification (More > Import > Image Rectification)
  • Bugfix: MP4 video conversion with FFmpeg sometimes fails
  • Lock Screen button is only visible in tablet mode, in desktop mode 'Tiles and Shading' is shown instead
  • Display of video duration for Flooding and Look-around
  • Improved shader for Local Relief with more contrast
  • Flooding: height slider filling up
  • Massive Reduction of GPU memory consumption for Local Relief Visualization
  • Bugfix: Saving Zip-package to a drive without enough free space crashes
  • Bugfix: World File with different X and Y cell size is rejected