planlauf/TERRAIN is an easy-to-use application for Windows 7/8/10 to visualize Digital Elevation Models (DEMs). We use state-of-the-art techniques from the gaming industry like 'Mesh Decimation', 'Normal Mapping' and 'Level of Detail' to reduce the size of the models significantly while preserving the visual details of the original model. For the first time it's possible to take high-resolution 3D terrain models on inexpensive Windows tablets into the field! Please have a look at the Quick Start and the Video Tutorial. Follow us on Twitter for examples and the free Zip-package-of-the-week!

planlauf/TERRAIN offers a lot of features while still being very easy-to-use. If you're missing something, please send us an email and we'll see if we can make it happen in one of the future releases.

  • Import text-based raster data (XYZ-files and Esri ASCII Grid (ASC)-files)
  • Import any other raster formats via our user-friendly GDAL-interface
  • Georeferencing with the most common projections
  • Mesh Decimation for small memory footprint and low load on the GPU
  • Mesh Decimation Service for some regions all across Europe
  • Normal Mapping preserves all the visual details of high-resolution DEMs
  • Level of Detail takes care of large models and reduces GPU overdraw
  • Desktop or Tablet mode
  • Support for Bluetooth GPS receivers and integrated or plugged-in webcams
  • Set pins manually or at the current GPS position and add comments
  • Distance measurement and corresponding height profile
  • Height plane to indicate lower than selected elevation
  • Log GPS tracks or create and edit tracks manually
  • Automatic view adjustment when following a planned track or approaching a pin
  • Acoustic proximity alerts when approaching a selected pin
  • Take geotagged pictures at the current GPS location
  • Browse all pictures and highlight their locations
  • Integrated Bing Maps viewer (requires an internet connection and a Bing Maps key)
  • Lock screen to prevent unintended user interaction during GPS logging
  • Im- and export of GPX- and KML-files
  • Automatic crater detection for conflict archaeologists with customizable settings
  • Heatmap to visualize location data with colors
  • Fly-through along a manually created or logged track
  • High-resolution screenshots/renderings of the model
  • Save everything (terrain and tile files, pictures) into a single ZIP-file and share it easily with your friends or colleagues