Trails in NRW

On January 1st, 2017, the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) released its digital elevation model with a resolution of 1 meter under a free license: 'Data licence Germany – attribution – Version 2.0' (data available at Bezirksregierung Köln). We used this data to create planlauf/TERRAIN Zip-packages for some of the most popular hiking trails with a resolution of 2 meters. If a trail touches an area not covered by NRW data, the model is filled with SRTM data from the U.S. Geological Survey with a resolution of 30 meters (

Please have a look at the Quick Start to learn how to use these files with planlauf/TERRAIN. If you'd like to see your favorite trail in NRW here, please drop us an email. At the moment you can download:

Germany, Bergischer Panoramasteig

The Bergischer Panoramasteig is a long-distance hiking trail in the low montain range of the Bergisches Land, Germany (

Germany, Eifelsteig

The Eifelsteig is a long-distance hiking trail in the low mountain range of the Eifel, Germany (

Germany, Rheinsteig

The Rheinsteig is a long-distance hiking trail along the east bank of the Rhine River in Germany (

Germany, Rothaarsteig

The Rothaarsteig is a hiking trail along the crest of the Rothaargebirge mountain range in Germany (

Germany, Wildnis Trail

The Wildnis Trail is a long-distance hiking path in the Eifel National Park in Germany (